Thursday, February 09, 2012

10 Reasons Newlyweds Should Rent Instead of Buy a Home

Being a newlywed is one of the most fun and exciting times in anyone's life. Of course, that doesn't mean being a young married couple is a walk in the park. Married life brings new stresses to the table, and housing is at the top of the list.

While the American dream used to include buying a house with a white picket fence, that dream has changed in recent years, and maybe that change is for the best. Here are 10 reasons why newlyweds should rent instead of buy a home.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    11. In spite of what real estate agents want us to believe a house is a money pit. You pay back anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times what you borrow plus your down payment. Then you have taxes, insurance, and maintenance. And if you do any upgrades that adds up too. Then just hope the neighborhood holds up and you don’t have to sell in a market like the one we’re in right now.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      And don’t forget to factor in the six or seven percent you must pay the real estate agent that lists the house for you.

    2. Anonymous5:04 PM

      And add in the fees local governments and utilities charge for inspections in the name of "neighborhood preservation".