Monday, December 19, 2011

Vehicles in Subdivisions Create More Problems than Occupancy Inspections Solve

The county charges you 80 dollars for an occupancy inspection when you sell your house in the name of neighborhood preservation. Yet, they allow commercial vehicles to be parked in subdivisions creating one of the biggest eye sores one can imagine, especially if you live across the street from it.

The county allows this kind of thing to go on as if it had no negative impact on the neighborhood or the value of homes. They had to create a new branch of bureaucracy rather than use existing agency of government, police, street department, etc. to enforce existing laws which would do as much if not more to preserve neighborhoods than worrying about smoke detectors, anti- tip over devices on kitchen stoves, and the type of metal your water heater flue pipe is made of, and the type of material your dryer vent is made of.

There is a commercial pickup truck that is parked on Farmcrest in Oakville every night and every weekend. Better yet, the truck is licensed in Illinois. The trustees and police do nothing about it.

There is a house on Cinnabar in the Sappington area that has a huge motor home parked in the driveway that hasn’t moved in months. Way to go Mr. Earls!

There is a commercial mini-bus parked in a drive way in a south county subdivision that gets moved about every 2-3 months. The vehicle is painted with the usual commercial messages.

The same subdivision has an unlicensed car parked in the driveway for the past 6 months.

While these may be deemed nuisances, they’re a real eyesore for neighbors trying to sell their property and create a reduction in property values.

What’s next????

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  1. It's an eyesore but is it illegal? If it is illegal then neighbors could call the cops. If it's not illegal then there's nothing to do but lobby and try to get the law changed.