Thursday, September 08, 2011

St. Louis County to Appeal Trash Verdict

St. Louis County Counselor Pat Redington said Wednesday that the county would appeal a judge's ruling awarding $1.16 million to three trash-hauling firms that did not land contracts when the county set up trash districts in 2008.

County Circuit Judge Barbara Wallace on Friday awarded the damages to American Eagle Waste Industries, Meridian Waste Services and Waste Management of Missouri. Wallace ruled in September that the county had breached an implied contract with the haulers when it failed to give them two years' notice before setting up the trash districts.

Redington said she had not settled on a specific appeal. "But in general, we're saying that there never was a basis for a lawsuit to begin with and we don't think they proved damages anyway, so we will appeal on those grounds," she said.

The haulers had sought $23 million. In her ruling, Wallace wrote: "The evidence suggests the amount of Plaintiffs' damages had been inflated. It is not for the Court to give an inflated or exaggerated measure of damages, or to award a windfall judgment."

Wallace awarded $799,593 to Waste Management, $261,086 to American Eagle and $99,224 to Meridian.

The plaintiffs and their attorneys did not return calls for comment.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    There is no end to protecting Dooleys name.

    At least, on your nickel, or dollar.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    This whole thing becomes less appealing with every appeal. It’s beginning to look like the 2000 presidential election. Next thing we know Dooley will claim he invented the internet.
    How much has this cost the county? The $1.16 million is going to look like chump change by the time they exhaust all of the appeals. Why won’t Dooley or Redington tell everybody how much this fiasco has cost us already? Dooley and his minions need to get treatment for that case of chronic optorectalitis that they have developed. The disease occurs when the optic nerve becomes attached to the sphincter and causes people to have a sh@*^ty outlook on life.