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40 Revolutionary iPad Apps for Homeowners

Buying and owning a home can be an amazing experience, and a great investment to boot, but that doesn't mean homeownership is always a walk in the park. From buying a new home to making your current one look fantastic, homeownership can be a lot of hard work. Luckily for modern day homeowners, there are technologies — including the increasingly popular iPad — that can help make things a little easier and ensure home improvements don't wreck havoc on your personal finances. iPad owners will find a wealth of techie tools out there to help them do everything, from choosing a paint color to landscape their yards and just about everything in between.

Here, we've highlighted some of the best iPad apps for homeowners, whether they're looking for help, advice and or perhaps just a little inspiration to make their houses into homes. Buying and Selling Install these applications on your iPad to get a little help finding your dream home or selling the home you already own (or both).

Visit this website for easy access to all of the following applications:

1.Zillow: With Zillow, you can find homes in any neighborhood based on factors like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and price. You can also get estimates of what your home and those in your area might be worth– a helpful tool when thinking about selling.

2.Trulia: Trulia has thousands of home listings, making it easy to find real estate in your desired area and check out pictures online.

3.LoopNet: Another real estate search tool, this application is perfect for the homeowner looking to upgrade, downsize or just make room for an expanding family.

4.Coldwell Banker: If you want to go with a trusted real estate broker, you can try this app showcasing homes listed with Coldwell Banker.

5.Home Value Pro: Want to know how much your home is worth? How about the one you're thinking about buying? This application will give you accurate and reliable estimates of home values across the U.S.

6.Mortgage Calculator: Figure out how much your monthly payment would be on a new home using this handy tool. If you still haven't found the home you've been dreaming of, take a look at this real estate app for a great selection of listings.

Home Control and Automation For decades, people have been imagining a home where everything is controlled by a computer. These days, that dream is a reality for some homeowners, and these apps help to control every aspect of a home, from the lights to the entertainment system.

8.Control4: This application turns your iPad into the ultimate touch screen remote, allowing you to control you TV, lights, sound system and home security from one easy place.

9.Vantage EMEA Home Control: Whether you want to set the mood or turn your living room into a movie theater, this application can help. It lets users adjust everything from the temperature of a room to the volume of the stereo.

10.Lutron RadioRA2: Control lights, shades, temperature and appliances with the touch of a digital button using this iPad app and accordant Lutron setup.

11.Splashtop Remote: This application allows users to see their desktop computer screen from anywhere, using an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

Interior Design and Decor Making your home look amazing doesn't have to be a chore. Use these apps to choose paint colors, get inspired by high end design, find great furniture and even choose a wood color for flooring.

12.Craigsphone: Originally designed for the iPhone, this application also works well on the iPad, allowing homeowners to score discount furniture, a great new house or even a new stove – all from one centralized place.

13.Ben Color Capture: Benjamin Moore paint has created this application that lets users take a picture of just about anything and find the closest matching paint out there.

14.Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Need some inspiration for your interior design project? With over 100,000 photos on hand, this mobile database is sure to provide something that catches your fancy.

15.Dream Home HD: Get some ideas on how to integrate the latest interior design trends into your home with this amazing photo-rich application.

16.Palettes: If you're trying to develop a color scheme for a room, this can be an invaluable tool, letting you pull together colors to see how they work before investing in any decor.

17.Sherwin Williams Color Snap: Take a snapshot of your favorite color and easily find a coordinating or matching paint from Sherwin Williams' line when you use this application.

18.Paint Tester: Instead of getting stuck with walls painted in a color that just doesn't work, use this app to try out the color ahead of time, no paint involved.

19.Trends: This application will help you to keep up with the latest in design trends. While some may be a bit high-end, it can provide inspiration for your budget version of the same look.

20.I.D. Wood: Want to know what kind of wood your floors or dining chairs are? In this, you'll find a reference guide that can help you ID any kind of wood or to choose a color and grain that you love for future projects.

21.MySurface: DuPont makes it easy to find the color that's perfect for your home, whether inside or out, kitchen or bath, with this application.

Home Improvement Even if your home is already pretty nice, chances are good that there's something you'd like to change or improve on it. These apps can help, assisting you in managing costs, buying supplies, and laying out a design.

22.Sum+It Project Cost Calculator: Renovations don't come cheap, but you can help reduce the shock of it by using this tool to do a little calculating of costs before you begin the job.

23.Home Design It Yourself: Create a room and arrange furniture and other elements in it without lifting more than a finger with the help of this great application.

24.Photo Measures: With this tool, you can easily measure any part of your home simply by taking a photograph of it with your iPad.

25.Kraft My Style: If you're thinking of installing new cabinets, this application from KraftMaid can help you get an idea of what would look good in your space.

26.My BTU: Whether you're thinking of getting new radiators or are just curious about your home's energy usage, this application will help you determine the BTUs you need to heat a room.

27.Renovation Budget Tracker: It can be easy to go over budget when doing renovations, but with this tracking application it can be a lot easier to stay on track, with charts and information that break it all down.

28.Home 3D: Don't tear down a wall until you've used this excellent home modeling software that will let you see how your home will look when it's finished.

29.HGTVtoGo: Get home decor ideas, help with home improvement and more from this popular cable station's application.

30.Remodelista: You don't have to look far for remodeling inspiration when you install this interior design and DIY application that is full of amazing ideas.

31.Home Improvement Glossary: If you're not familiar with the home improvement jargon, then get yourself this application. It contains hundreds of words you can look up and define.

Tools and Calculators These handy apps will make doing math a cinch for homeowners, leaving more time for the important stuff.

32.Ruler 2: Home improvements often require a boatload of measurements. If you don't have a ruler handy, start out with this digital one instead.

33.Home Sizer: Whether you're designing a new home or remodeling your existing one or just want to know the size of your bedroom, this tool can help.

34.Task This: Home renovation and decoration can require a lot of errands and supplies. Keep track of everything using this handy tool for homeowners.

35.DIY Calculator: Whether you're adding paint, wallpaper, tile or another product to a room, this calculator will help you determine just how much you need.

36.DIY Toolbox: This handy app has just about every kind of calculator you'd need for home renovation projects, from converting units to figuring how much of a certain supply you need.

Outdoors Ensure your home has some great curb appeal by using these landscaping apps to add plants and improve your garden.

37.iScape: If your yard is a boring expanse of grass (or dirt), then turn it into something special with the help of this application that lets you lay out landscaping digitally, helping to ensure your plantings will look great when you put them in.

38.Gardening Toolkit: From gardening photos to help knowing what plants would grow best where you live, this application will help turn you into a master gardener.

39.Landscaper's Companion: This application is the ultimate reference guide for information about trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs and all kinds of plants.

40.Planimeter: Want to know how big your yard is? This tool is an awesome way to easily find out without pesky tape measures.

Visit this website for easy access to all of the above applications:

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