Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Five Things You Must Know about Airport Security

Here are five things you must know about airport security; this list will help keep things in perspective next time you hear another outrage story, plus it may even help you have a quicker and easier security experience.

1. Airport Security Mistakes Happen.

TSA screeners are human; they will make mistakes. However, the vast majority of these men and women are simply following the rules they are bound by. If you don’t like the rules, and I for one think they could use a huge dose of common sense, take it out on the politicians, not the screeners.

2. Airport Security Mistakes are Few

Stories of outrage make news: when a former Miss USA described her pat-down as “molestation”, people paid attention. Still, in the United States alone, 2 million people get on planes every day; that’s almost three-quarters of a billion a year. The number of “outrages” is miniscule in comparison.

3. Know the Security Checkpoint Requirements

Passengers have security responsibilities too, and following them will speed your time in the line; know what you can and cannot bring through the security checkpoint. Forget arguing about it; you will not win.

4. Security Changes are Coming

By the end of 2011, the TSA hopes to have a “trusted traveler” program in place, or at least in testing-mode: participants who agree to background checks and interviews will supposedly breeze through security. According to the U.S. Travel Association, a majority of passengers say they’d pay for this service, up to $150 a year. Would you pay for quicker security?

5. Airport Security Will Never be Completely Hassle-Free

If you yearn for the good old days of zipping through the airport, forget it. We’ll never go back. The people behind 9/11 saw to that. All we can do is make the best of a difficult situation. Yes, report any outrages you see, but also do your part to make the security experience a smooth one for you and all the people in line behind you.

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  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Finally, a voice of reason. Is anyone really naïve enough to believe that the loonytoon terrorists wouldn’t use a sick, elderly woman or a baby or young child to smuggle weapons or bombs onto an airplane? These nut jobs will kill themselves to get a few of us, do you think they care about the very old or very young?