Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Carelessness Makes Car Owners Prime Target in Subdivisions

Areas all across St. Louis City and St. Louis County – including Webster Groves, Kirkwood and Town and Country – have all been hit with multiple car break-ins within the last few weeks.

Police say most of the break-ins happen because car owners are not rolling up windows, leaving valuables out of sight and are not locking car doors. This type of behavior is especially common during the summer months and even in your nice, cozy subdivision.

In Kirkwood, police say just in the past month, there have been close to 15 car break-ins. In Webster Groves, police say they’ve had 11 vehicle thefts since May 1.

Officials say the thefts have occurred in parking lots and on residential streets, and thieves can be local teens or commuting criminals.

Some comments from readers:

If you're stupid enough to leave your car unlocked or windows down and valuables in plain sight, you get what you deserve for being stupid. Just because you're in a fancy suburb doesn't mean crime is not there.

Don't be stupid and leave anything attractive to the moron-lowlifes visible in your hard is it? My wife keeps a sheet in the car (for the dog) and covers anything she needs to with that...out of sight-out of mind. These morons scan cars rapidly and will pass on an empty looking vehicle. Many of these break-ins occur near low income housing and apartments...BEWARE!!!.

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