Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haulers may switch trash collection districts in St. Louis County

County to force all residents to change trash haulers?
That’s about what it’s coming to. Just wait and see.

What the hell is going on here. I pay my trash by an electronic transfer from my bank to my trash hauler. This means I will have to go through the pains of re-setting this up with my bank and a new hauler. The last time, it took me three months aggravation to work out the mechanics between the bank and my hauler.

Householders in the 4th and 8th trash collection districts of unincorporated St. Louis County are likely to get different haulers as the results of bids from five trash hauling companies to provide service for the next five years.

Officials are analyzing the bids before deciding whether to accept them. New contracts with the county that would change the haulers would take effect in October.

IESI trash haulers would replace those from Allied Waste in the 4th district in southwest county and Allied Waste would replace IESI in the 8th district in Oakville. The haulers have the county by the tail. If they want to switch, merge or sellout, they can well do it at their discretion.

IESI would continue as the hauler in the 2nd district in the far northeast part of the county and Allied Waste would continue in the 6th district in Lemay and Mehlville.

Householders in all districts would pay less for trash service in all five years than they do now.

Do citizens actually believe they will be buying a service five years from now cheaper than today?

Will coffee be cheaper five years from now?

Will construction materials be cheaper five years from now?

Will cost of living be the same five years from now?

Come on people, wake up. I haven’t even mentioned the pending lawsuits all the way from the local courts to our Missouri Supreme Court. There are several hearings scheduled for this month and next. County officials are throwing everything they can at the courts to delay action.

From: Mike Roberts, South County


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    If the county is entering into contracts with haulers, why aren’t they paying the haulers? If they enter into a contract to build a new building, we don’t all have to send payments to the builder. And did anyone give them power of attorney to obligate us to a contract, I didn’t. Wouldn’t any of us be sued and/or go to jail if we entered into a contract for someone else without their permission?

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    The biggest looser of all could very well be the ST. Louis County Health Dept. Much of the Health Dept gets its funds from the landfill tipping fees.
    The more Allied gets waste distrcts, they direct haul or transfer haul to Illinois, thus avoiding St. Louis County tipping fees.
    St. Louis County could miss out on millions of dollars from collected tipping fees if this occurs.

  3. Anonymous4:53 PM

    The government can sign your name to a contract? What kind of freedom is that? Sounds like communism to me.