Friday, March 25, 2011

Florissant Man Told To Remove “Jesus” Sign From His Yard

FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOX) - A north St. Louis County man says he can’t believe what he found in his mailbox — a letter from his subdivision committee telling him he had to take down his yard sign.

The simple green sign has a single word written in white…”Jesus”.

“What is this? What kind of country are we living in?,” Michael Mayfield asks increduously.  Mayfield lives in unincorporated Florissant, in a subdivision called Weatherby Place off Shackleford.

He says as a Christian, he proudly placed the familiar green-and-white sign in his yard as a declaration of his faith.

“And they told me I had to remove it,” Mayfield tells KMOX News. “I mean it just shocked me to no end to even read a letter like this. It spelled out ‘Jesus’, and that really captured my attention that they would go as far as to spell out the name ‘Jesus’.”

Mayfield says his sign isn’t going anywhere; in fact, he’s still deciding whether to put up more Jesus signs in his front yard.

No response yet from the subdivision’s operators, D & I Properties.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Some subdivisions have regulations against any signs with the exception of FOR SALE signs on properties in them. As long as this man is not being singled out because his sign is promoting religion I don’t see a problem. And as for his complaint about the letter he got spelling out JESUS, isn’t that what his sign does? And isn’t he defying the convention that everyone in his subdivision is bound by?

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    When are the lunatic fringe Christians , like the ones that picket military funerals, going to get the idea that most of us don’t share and don’t want to share their zeal.

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I wonder how this guy would react if people in his neighborhood put up signs with ALLAH, BUHDA, or SHIVA printed on them. He’d probably think it was blasphemy and demand that it be taken down.

  4. I say, what is in a name? Guess you could wear sign tee shirts on your property and not get a lead letter as such this person received? Now what about garden signs? Is that against the covenants? Life's lighter side of any situation at large or small.