Monday, February 28, 2011

Buying a Home in the Winter

The winter can be a great time for home buying. The market tends to slow down over the holidays, but that can be all the better for home buyers. In fact, we bought our home during the Christmas break a few years ago. In order to make the transition easy for everyone, we just did a long closing so no one had to move too close to the holidays. Because selling a home in the winter can be tougher, it can pay off for the home buyer when it comes to real estate affordability.

•Home buying in the winter can allow you to see things about a home you might not see in the summer months. Does the home have good insulation? If it seems warm (without having the thermostat set to 90), that might signal the insulation is doing it’s job.

•Try not to let things like over or under decoration bother you. While your emotional response to a home is important, don’t let those kinds of things cloud your judgment.

•It can be hard walking into a stranger’s home in the best of times. During the holidays, it can make you feel like you are causing them even more of an inconvenience. Don’t let that deter you from seeing a home you really want to see. Remember, they want to sell the house as much as you want to buy a home. At the same time, if there are homes you are only so-so about seeing, you might wait on those until after the holidays are over.

In this economy, it’s always a great time to be buying a home. Let DoorFly be your partner in finding the best Indiana real estate agent out there. You’ll get great home buying advice, and may even be able to negotiate real estate agent fees and find a home buyer rebate.

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