Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WHAT? Trash collection fee increase to go before Washington, MO voters

Whether trash collection warrants a more than 100 percent fee increase over a two-year period will be decided by voters in April. City Council members on Monday approved putting the proposition for the city-provided service on the April 5 ballot. WHAT? Are they crazy.  City council members voted to give residents a say in their trash collection services? Who ever heard of that?

City Administrator Jim Briggs said the city hasn't had a garbage removal fee increase since 1995. If voters opt to approve the proposition, fees would be bumped up from the current $7 a month per household to more than $14 per month.

The increase would occur in three stages, each on June 1: to $9.40 in 2011; to $11.80 in 2012; and finally to $14.15 in 2013.

The fee for those 62 and older would increase from the current $4.25 per month to $5.70, $7.10 and $8.50, respectively.

Hello, St. Louis County Council Members!!!!


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    What? Do you mean that there is still a democracy thriving in Missouri? It’s amazing what can happen when elected officials care about and listen to their citizens, an, of course, use their heads for something besides keeping their ears from slamming together. It seems there are still places that recognize government of the people , for the people and by the people. Not as in St. Louis County, in spite of the people.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Thomas Jefferson said it best “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are the only safe depositories.” Can government be any more degenerate than what St. Louis County has become? When is Commissar Dooley going to start coming up with five year plans like previous Soviet leaders did?