Monday, November 15, 2010

Need Help Maintaining Your Private Street?

There appears to be a "wall" with most government/municipal agencies as to not knowing or perhaps having the time to know which subdivisions are not maintained by the agencies.

In other words, the agency does not or cannot keep up with who the board of trustees may be for a particular street or neighborhood.

My company provides excellent service, is 33 years in business, A+ rated BBB, and we have completed over 2000 miles of road maintenance work throughout the entire metro area (state,municipal and local) We provide a unique and very specialized preventive maintenance operation which saves thousands of dollars in wasted replacement costs, if treated.

Although we have completed many private streets and created and documented many very pleased customers we always get the same response, "We are glad we found you, we didnt know someone cared so much"

For more information, contac Glenn Dutton at

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