Monday, November 29, 2010

More comments from residents

A STL County resident speaks out . . .

“I received an email from the district manager for IESI, in response to a critical email I sent him, saying that this could have been done even cheaper if they could send out only one bill each quarter to the county rather than thousands to the citizens. It seems that the county wants all the benefits but none of the responsibilities. Why do we individually pay the haulers who have a contract with the county, not us? If the county contracts for a new road does everyone who uses the road have to send a check to the contractor?”

What’s interesting is there is a written “contract” between St. Louis County and IESI (and the other haulers). There is no “contract” between a homeowner and IESI. In addition there is no “contract” between county residents and St. Louis County. St. Louis County contracted with a hauler in our behalf and we had no choice in the matter. Is this legal? It’s questionable.

Now if I do not pay IESI, IESI does not sue me for non-payment, but the County does.

Other questions arise. All of the money paid by residents goes to the trash haulers, and none (supposedly) to the County. The County is administering the program and the enforcement at a cost to all taxpayers. No financial records have been released regarding the expenses being incurred by the County but estimates have it way into the millions.

According to Garry Earls, Chief Operating Officer, a forecast of the County’s general funds would become insolvent between 2010 and 2012 unless they dramatically reduce costs. In his report, there was no mention of the costs being incurred by the trash program. This report was dated July 21, 2008.

Should there be a law requiring citizens to have a trash service? Yes.

Is St. Louis County in the trash business? No, but it should be. Should the county bill for trash services as required by law? Yes

Should the County select the trash haulers for residents? No. Let the individual subdivisions select their haulers.

Should the County allow subdivisions to opt out? It’s ridiculous in passing a law that allows citizens an option to comply or not comply.

When the trash contract comes up for re-bidding, should subdivisions be allowed to opt out as part of the re-bidding process? Yes. If you’re going to re-bid the costs, you should allow subdivisions a choice just as was done at the start of the program.

Oh, yes.  This program is in desperate need of an audit and report to the taxpayers.


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Does anyone know when Judge Wallace is going to rule on the amount owed to the haulers by the county? I can understand her waiting until after the election to avoid any charges of trying to influence the outcome but, the election has been over for a month and the dragon won. What's thr delay now?

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    The county gets its contracting authority through the state charter.

    However, if the county fails to follow the state statutes and the ordinance procedures, they are vulnerable to lawsuit, penalty, fines, imprissonment, etc.

    St. Louis County has violated state statute on this trash contract effort and will end up paying for the violations.

    But the remedy will be, the continued contracting for waste services. The big question is, what can the do and what should they do to improve the system and reduce the costs for taxpayers.

  3. Anonymous8:15 AM

    It may be that the best and final solution to this problem is not through the courts but through the citizens. Is it about time for a recall campaign to remove Furher Dooley and the spineless county council members that rubber stamp everything he does?