Monday, November 01, 2010

With South County Gone, Is Dooley Losing North County Support Too?

The above is a recent headline on an article published on the Missouri Political News Service web site at: .

It is not surprising that voters in the southern part of St. Louis County are extremely upset with current county executive Charlie Dooley. Besides his lack of leadership and blatant cronyism, Dooley ignored their concerns and implemented a catastrophic and illegal trash scheme that will eventually cost county taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in punitive damages to the trash haulers he tried to put out of business.

What IS surprising is that Mr. Dooley seems to be slipping in his natural stronghold of North County; a segment of the county that has several predominately African American municipalities.

It’s disturbing that all of our politicians have to use negative “advertising” in order to inform the public what the competition is all about. While Mr. Dooley is a fine gentleman, he’s become a polished politician whereas his competitor, Bill Corrigan, is a polished businessman. Many feel it’s time for a businessman to run the county like a business.

The headlines of late are disturbing. Here are some recent ones from the various news sources.
  • STL County Executive Dooley Hemorrhaging Democratic Support
  • Charlie Dooley’s disappointing S. County campaign office opening last month
  • Dooley’s Re-election Bid Appears to be in Trouble
  • 25% of Democrats Vote Against Dooley; Corrigan Cruises to 88% Victory
  • Dooley Campaign Office Kickoff: Did Anyone Get the Memo?
  • Quote of the Day: Dooley: “Mr. Temporiti Is a Very Good Friend of Mines…”
  • “This Whole Episode is Embarassing to St. Louis County”
  • Former Temporiti Trash Client “Becoming Closer and Closer to a Monopoly All the Time”
The following are headlines at: . Here are a few. Visit the web site to read the complete articles.
  • Why did Dooley say St. Louis County’s future is “uncertain at best and dire at worst?”
  • You Paid For It… Charlie Dooley’s Illegal Trash Contracts
  • Trash Districts Could Cost County Executive His Job
  • Dooley Receives Campaign Contribution Days Before Awarding No-Bid Contract
  • Trash – Dooley’s Bad Decision Costing St. Louis County Tens of Millions
  • John Temporiti – The Man Really Calling the Shots
  • John Steffen – Dirty Money That Charlie Dooley Won’t Return
  • Low Support for Dooley, Even Among His Own Party
  • Darin Cline – Dooley Aide Resigns Because of FBI Investigation
The St. Louis American recently had a conversation about County Executive Charlie A. Dooley with his senior policy advisor, Mike Jones. Dooley, a Democrat, faces a spirited challenge on the Nov. 2 ballot from Bill Corrigan, a Republican. The interview is at: .

Here are a few comments from Mr. Jones regarding the election and Mr. Dooley.

Mike Jones: Race in America, and certainly in St. Louis, is a political and social construct that still matters. How we view and construct race will drive how we make public policy and business decisions. Therefore, for me, even with the all-too-obvious failings of black political leadership, it still matters a great deal from a community standpoint who we elect.

>  Mike Jones: Before I came to work for Charlie, nobody in county government cared about public transportation, which is critical for low-income and disabled people, and a disproportionate number of those are black. I would assert no white politician would have hired these three people and given them the authority or latitude to get done what we have got done.

>  Mike Jones: Even if he’s Abe Lincoln, he is still a product of the Republican Party that is dominated by radically conservative to almost what I would consider fascist elements.

>  Mike Jones: As a guy who has vanity in his communication skills, I think our communication strategy and deployment for the past four years have been mediocre to awful. I won’t defend that. It does look reactive.

>  Mike Jones: One of the things missing in St. Louis County is the impact of the black community. It does not see itself as a cohesive political community that is organized to reach out and make alliances, as other interest groups do, to change or shift public policy. If Charlie Dooley looks like a black politician adrift, he is a politician who comes from a community that is also adrift.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Dooley is slip sliding away.

    He surrounded himself with the wrong people and relied on them to watch his back.

    Instead, many of them, forgot who Charlie was.

    Charlie took his eye off the prize, and it is getting away from him.

    Bye, Bye, Charlie

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    AAA Dooley gets it done!!!!!!!! Even if the taxpaying citizens don't want it done!

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Charlie is back.

  4. Anonymous6:05 AM

    What is the next big calamity newly elected Dooley will get us into?

    There needs to be an investigation as to why the County Tax notices have been held back until after the election. They were complete and should have been mailed out weeks ago.
    Could it be, that most of the County tax bills are going up and increasing?
    Voters, we are being manipulated.

  5. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Some days the dragon wins! This is a glaring example of what happens when people don't get off their duffs and get out and vote! Just complaining doesn't do any good.

  6. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Now do we all understand the importance of getting out and voting?

  7. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Charlie, your win is not a MANDATE, you barely were re-elected to your post. Take note, you won your spot back with the help of your entitlement greedy supporters.
    Come down off of your pedastel and start governing and representing the real taxpayers.

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Charlie got reelected do to the rampant racism in North County.

  9. Mike Roberts4:49 PM

    This is unreal. Most areas of the county do not want Dooley, yet we have him for another 4 years. Unbelievable.

  10. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I would say, those areas of the county, should have came out to vote.

    They failed themselves.