Thursday, October 21, 2010

Webster Grovers Considers Trash Contract

The Webster Groves City Council is considering a three-year contract extension with Waste Management to serve as the municipality's trash hauler through 2013. The company's current deal expires Jan. 31. The council introduced a bill Tuesday that would authorize the deal that would charge the average household $19.45 a month for weekly trash pickup and unlimited yard waste collection in 2011.

The rate increases to $19.90 per month in 2012, then $20.40 in 2013. The contract also includes two one-year options to extend the service through 2015.

This raises an interesting question. Why wouldn't the city use St. Louis County's trash program at a lower cost? The answer may be that Webster Groves doesn't want anything to do with the County's maligned trash program.

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  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Maybe they just don’t want to rely on Dooley’s rubber stamp, sometimes referred to as the county council, to take care of things for them. Maybe Webster Groves also wants things done in accordance with its own charter. Maybe some jurisdictions don’t do end runs around their own charters.