Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Free Online Tools to Track Criminals in Your Neighborhood

Just as technology advances, so too does crime. The good news is that crime fighting and prevention tools are also available on the web. Thanks to recent laws certain criminals and crimes are required to be reported and are available as public information. This can include everything from type of offense, to address of the offender, and even a picture of him or her.

So you are able to cut down on your Google time and more of it spent looking out for yourself, family, and friends, we have gathered ten free online tools to track criminals in your neighborhood. They range on everything from search engines just for crime to an iPhone app that can literally save your life or the life of a loved one.

1. Crime Reports
All you need to do here is type in your street address to begin getting crime reports. A street number, city, or zip code can instantly pull up crime reports in that area. You can sort by crime, date, and distance. Click on analytics to choose your jurisdiction or click on home to get more.

2. USA on Watch
This national organization is dedicated to help you track crime in your neighborhood. The program allows citizens to help in the fight against crime by being more observant and involved in the well-being of their communities. Visit to find a program in your neighborhood, register one, start one, and much more. Be sure not to miss the Resource Center with loads of free tools.

3. Family Watchdog
This site’s tagline is “awareness is your best defense.” They help this happen by helping you find offenders in your area, free alerts, and much more. You can also take advantage of their statistics, product recalls, and safety tips.

4. LiveSecure
Click here (visit web site below) to get a free DVD just by entering your information. Each package contains a child ID kit, where you can store your child’s photo, fingerprints, and other information. Dr. Van Zandt is an expert in crime and has many other crime fighting and tracking tools on his site, including a regularly updated blog.

5. AMBER Alerts
Standing for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response, this system was named after a young child was abducted and murdered in 1996. These alerts are distributed whenever a child is abducted and at serious risk for harm. Clicking on this site shows all the active AMBER alerts across the nation and can be clicked on for more information. The site even offers live support online.

6. McGruff
Visit here to get free online tools for the kids to help track crime at home. They have games, polls, and even a club for them to join. Current hot topics include how to stop bullying.

7. National Crime Information Center
Go beyond free online tools to track criminals in your neighborhood with this national site from the FBI. The NCIC currently contains over 15 million active records in 19 different areas on everything from terrorism to sex offenders. There is also a site especially for law enforcement, kids, and other crime prevention resources. You can also submit a crime tip and report internet crime.

8. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The days of the milk carton are long over with the help of this site. A simple visit brings up the pictures of missing children. You can also do a search for children who are or may be missing in your area. Topics include safety, information on sex offenders, natural disasters, and much more. There is also a cyber tipline where you can report child pornography or suspected child exploitation.

9. Do Not Call Registry
Did you know that under certain circumstances a soliciting telephone call can be a crime? Keep this from happening in your very own home by registering your phone number here. Phone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently and do not need to be re-registered unless you wish to remove it. It is completely free and can be used for a home phone or cellphone number.

10. Silent Bodyguard
Not exactly a free tool to track crime, it can still save your life for only 99 cents. It is an iPhone application that acts as a silent alarm alerting your emergency contacts of your location- without alerting an onlooker or an attacker. In two easy steps you can alert your emergency contacts of an urgent situation and option it how you want.

If the above top ten free online tools to track criminals in your neighborhood have peaked your interest, try visiting the Department of Justice or Department of Homeland Security. The DOJ offers updates on crime statistics, various resources, and even a blog. The DHS can help your family stay safe whether in your own neighborhood or traveling abroad. Popular searches on the site include case stats, forms, green cards, passports, and threat levels.

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