Saturday, August 14, 2010

St. Louis Deck Cleaning Expert Tells How to Avoid Rip-off by a Deck Contractor

What consumers need to know and questions to ask when hiring a deck cleaning and sealing company

Deck cleaning and exterior wood restoration contractors can be found on the internet with a simple Google search. Search deck cleaning and sealing St. Louis and advertisements for several companies will appear on the page. Choosing a deck contractor can be confusing. Consumers need to know some basic information about the deck cleaning company that they are considering hiring.

According to Jeff Alley, owner of Wood Re New, there are several things consumers need to know and specific questions they should ask when interviewing a deck cleaning and sealing contractor. “Anyone can offer the service and advertise on the internet,” said Alley. “An impressive website can easily mislead people to believe they are a reputable, licensed company.”

Jeff Alley advises consumers to obtain several estimates and ask if the company is licensed and if they carry liability and workers compensation insurance. “If your property is damaged or a contractor is injured and the company is not insured, then your homeowners’ insurance company could be held liable,” said Alley.

Jeff says it is important to know how long a deck cleaning and sealing company has been in business and if they offer a guarantee. Find out if they are members of any local or national contractor’s associations and if they have any complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Exterior wood investments are among the most expensive home improvement projects; therefore, it makes sense to maintain and preserve the investment. “Cheaper isn’t always better and the most expensive isn’t always the best,” said Alley. “A reputable, licensed, insured deck cleaning contractor who uses quality products with long-lasting results deserves your business.”

Jeff Alley offers tips for consumers to avoid being ripped off by deck cleaning and sealing contractors because he believes everyone deserves to be treated with respect and honesty, even if they do not choose to hire him. Visit  to learn more.

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