Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Disgruntled Resident with Trash Problems; Allied Waste Customer Service Stinks

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I recently moved to St Ann, MO. I called the City's Trash hauler, Allied Waste, to initiate my service. After the first month, I became increasingly displeased with the service. Twice they failed to pick-up my yard waste. I called their customer service and spoke with an agent who was quite rude to me. I then requested to speak with a supervisor and was told that she was not in office. I was FORCED to leave a message with the very same agent who was rude to me. I reluctantly did anyway. I immediately called back and got a road supervisor. He was quite professional and had the driver returned the next day to get the yard waste.
The second time they missed I was the last straw. I called that very month and asked to have my service discontinued as I was not satisfied with it. I was told that it would be done. I had sent them a check that month, which overpaid for the period I was served.

One week following my call, I got a NOTICE TO DISCONTINUE SERVICE in the mail. The very next month I got a bill from them. It stated a charge for the next three months less the amount I overpaid the month before. I immediately call the customer service department and the agent who answered then told me that I CANNOT DISCONTINUE my service. I told her I no longer wish to use their services as I am displeased with it. She then went on to tell me that I will be billed even if I NEVER use the service or put out trash to be picked up. A few days following that I received a NOTICE TO INTERRUPT SERVICE with a $35 interruption fee plus the three months service fee. I again called to speak with a supervisor and was given the same story that she was not in office. I then hung up and called the road supervisor on his cellular phone as he had given it to me in the event. He then gave me the office number and extension of the CUSTOMER SERVICE supervisor. Since then, a month ago, I have called two or three times every week and left a message relating to my case and requested that she contacted me. NO SUCH LUCK. I can only assume that she is blatantly ignoring my messages and refuse to call or speak with me, a paying customer.

Following my first phone call to this customer service supervisor, I immediately received a NOTICE OF INTENT informing me that they are giving me 10 DAYS to pay this $71 or face them in court. They have acknowledged my request to discontinue service, and have now stopped the service-which I had wanted all along. I can now hire a private hauler.

St Ann City Hall is unable to supply me with a copy of the ordinance which states that it is compulsory to have trash service at my residence. I am willing to battle these people in court. Anyone have any suggestion? Please email me at RICHIEG_146@HOTMAIL.COM . Thank you.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    From http://codes.sullivanpublications.com/st_ann-slp/
    "C. When authorized by the Board of Aldermen, the Director may provide for the collection, removal and final disposal of solid waste by contract with an appropriate service provider, for the entire City or portions thereof, and any such contract may be exclusive to the selected service provider.

    D. The owner and occupant of any property served or benefited by the City's solid waste collection shall be responsible for the orderly and sanitary accumulation and storage of solid waste pending its collection as provided herein, and said owner and occupant shall be further responsible for complying with the provisions of this Article and all regulations lawfully issued by the Director, including the payment of reasonable solid waste collection fees."

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

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  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The problem here is the City of St. Ann is not in the business of collecting trash. The city has contracted with Waste Management, therefore the city should pay Waste Management out of the funds collected from their residents. The City should be responsible for the services provided. As it is, they have "dumped" this responsibility on Waste Management who is not performing.

    The result to residents is poor service with their inability to do anything about it. They can't get good service and they can't change to another company. What would you do? Seriously, what would you do?

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    The contract in place is as good as the City Ordinance and Bid Specifications.
    The City is the responsible party when they put these things together.
    When the put the spec together and bid out the service they own the contract, and should be able to enforce it properly.

  5. Mike Roberts8:43 AM

    I live in a subdivision who opted out of the County's trash program. We use American Eagle for our service. They have not missed a beat in over 2 years of service. If they did and continually screwed up, I can change to any trash hauler I want. That's the way it should be throughout the county.

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Swanton,Oh. We had used allied waste for years until we found out that our Twp. offered alternative services for less. We canceled a.w.services. Today, we received a "letter of intent" as if we never canceled. Obviously, this company is corrupt. Our local administrators are pursuing legal actions. Please contact us at sosclean@embarqmail.com. Thank you, J. Speer