Saturday, July 31, 2010

STL County Takes Trash Case to Missouri Supreme Court

After losing in the Missouri Court of Appeals, a court in which parties to lawsuits are represented by attorneys, St. Louis County has filed an appeal against David Skaer, who represented himself in the case against him for not having the county mandated trash service. The Missouri Supreme Court is the court of last resort in the state judicial system, as well as the county’s last hope for a reversal, provided the court decides to hear the case.

To date, St. Louis County has not fared well with trash cases on appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals. This is second time in two years that the county has lost in this court, the first being the original lawsuit filed against the county by three trash haulers (American Eagle Waste Industries, LLC et al. v. St. Louis County) in 2008. That case has since been rejected by the U.S. District Court and remanded back to the state circuit court.

Meanwhile, St. Louis County continues to issue summonses to residents to appear in municipal court for not having the required trash service or for using a non-designated trash hauler for a particular trash district. The complete news article from the Call Newspapers is printed below for your reference.

There will be future updates on this issue as new developments unfold.

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    Communist programs are sure costing us a lot in legal fees. Maybe that was why Dooley pushed this program to help stimulate the economy for the lawyers.