Saturday, July 24, 2010

County Providing Grants for Recycling Carts

St. Louis County is providing grants to allow seven municipalities to provide recycling carts to residents of single- and two-family houses.

Two other municipalities, Kinloch and Westwood, would receive carts the county has in hand.

The municipalities could distribute as many as 16,756 carts in total.

The municipalities and number of carts involved are Florissant, 4,836; Kirkwood, 4,370; Des Peres, 2,835; Berkeley, 2,145; Breckenridge Hills, 1,575; Bel-Ridge, 774; Kinloch, 90; Westwood, 80; and Norwood Court, 51.

The county had estimated the cost at nearly $700,000 based on paying $42 a cart for all but Kinloch's and Westwood's, and County Executive Charlie A. Dooley last Friday asked the council to allocate money for the six largest participants.

But when the county on July 16 opened bids for the carts, the low bid from Otto Environmental Systems of Charlotte, N.C., was $35 a cart. The second low bidder, Cascade Engineering of Grand Rapid, Mich., said each cart would cost $35.20.

Officials are reviewing the bids and have not awarded a contract. The county is using $500,000 from a surcharge on landfill fees and $200,000 in federal money for the project.

Didn't St. Louis County pay around $40 per cart two years or so ago?


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Maybe St. Louis County should use some of that landfill tipping fee to help seniors that are on fixed income, the unemployed, and the low incomes, help pay their MANDATORY trash bills that St. Louis County has forced onto people.

    St. Louis County needs to wake up and understand that the money they are wasting and throwing away, is not theirs, and that the money belongs to the residents and taxpayers.

    If you are angry about all of this, you need to be sure and vote. Vote the bad ones out, and vote some new blood in.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    How many more millions of dollars is Charlie and the Council going to throw into this fiasco?

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Since the County Council has made this service MANDATORY, under penaly of law and fines, they should use some of this money and help the Low Income, the seniors, and the unemployed, with paying some of their trash bills.
    Seems silly, to put this burden onto people who can't afford, and then fine them and take them too court.
    Seems wiser to help them pay the bills, and insure all the trash is properly collected.

    St. Louis County, should either do this right or leave it alone. They have forced some good people to act illegally in dealing with their trash.

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Another waste of money from Dooley and his Stoolies.