Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Affton subdivision is getting some of its trees back


Gravois Gardens will get some of its trees back.

The 140-home subdivision lost up to 60 mature trees in 2004 when a contractor started — and the county stopped — a street and sidewalk project. On June 1, another contractor began work to finish the job.

The loss of trees aroused considerable controversy at the time.

On Monday, Sheryl Hodges, St. Louis County director of highways and traffic and public works, told about 20 subdivision residents that a restoration of sorts would begin.

She said a county contractor will restore 13 trees — two on common ground and 11 in front yards of residents who had agreed to have trees removed for the street and sidewalk work.

Dave Johnston, a subdivision trustee, said the trustees would consider planting more trees after the county finishes its work.

The residents can pick replacement trees, which would be 8 to 9 feet tall, from a county list that features species with roots that would avoid growing under streets and sidewalks, Hodges said. The planting will take place in the fall after the summer's heat, she said.

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