Saturday, May 08, 2010

Skunk Issue: Some Good Advice

My name is Angel and I am the skunk specialist for the Wildlife Rehab Clinic, a non-profit rescue group in High Ridge, MO. I know that a lot of St. Louisans are experiencing some problems with skunks this year, and years past and I'm hoping I can help. It's such an issue right now that Fox 2 News came out to our clinic yesterday to do a segment on the issue.

Skunks are nocturnal and really don't want to bother people in any way. Right now, May, is when they start having their kids and they seem to like to do so under people's porches, driveways, patios and crawlspaces. They don't mean any harm and usually pick homes where food is readily available and close by.

They love grubworms, frogs, and dog and cat food. So if you have a pet and you feed it outdoors, pick the food up and place it at least a couple feet off the ground or take it inside. Skunks tend to not 'see' anything above their eye level and they are terrible at climbing. If you have nuts/bird seed or berries around your home, they'll eat that too.

The best way to keep them away is to remove the food source. Don't poison, it's illegal and you'll just end up with a very smelly dead skunk in a really difficult spot to get to in order to remove it. If you absolutely have to remove the skunk before baby season is over, be aware that they are tenacious critters and will do just about anything to get back to their babies if they are shut out. Best method is to wait until skunk goes out at night, then keep him from getting back in.

If there are babies left behind, I'd be happy to help with that . . . because it's what we do at our clinic. If I can be of any other help, you can reach me at or 636-492-1610.

Good luck to you and the skunks. :)

(Thanks Angel)

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