Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seniors say bra revoir

Kudos to the Seckman Senior High School girls.

Sunday night they pulled their senior prank, and a very funny one, and it wasn't destructive. They hung over 1,000 bras from the trees and the fences in front of their high school and they placed signs around, such as "Thank you for the uplifting experience," "Thanks for all your support" and "We're busting out of here."

The students and staff and teachers had lots of laughs for a few days this week. Teachers were known to share the incident on Facebook and comment that this was the best senior prank ever. No harm was done, but fun and enjoyment to be remembered for a long time. By the way, most of these bras were donated to charity, because most of them were very gently used and some of them weren't even used.

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