Thursday, May 27, 2010

Residents Continue Various Trash Law Suits

An effort to squelch a case involving "trash talk" has been refused by Missouri's highest court.

While a 2003 lawsuit has long been dismissed, Tom and Barb Diehl's countersuit against that Company, Fred Weber Incorporated, is still alive.

The company claimed it's reputation was damaged by a flier produced by unnamed opponents that called Fred Weber "trash terrorists". Fred Weber sued the Diehls, who claim they incurred great legal expense -- and medical expense from the stress of being sued for millions of dollars.

A circuit court had dismissed the case, but an appellate panel ruled the Diehls should have their day in court. The Missouri Supreme Court Tuesday denied Fred Weber's request to reconsider the appellate decision.

That now clears the way for the countersuit by the Diehls against Fred Weber to go back to the circuit court.
Councilmen voted 6-1 to give initial approval to legislation that calls for a referendum on the Aug. 3 county ballot to decide the issue. Seventh District Councilman Greg Quinn, R-Ballwin, was opposed.

While the County Council last week perfected a bill that would give county voters the opportunity in August to decide whether their tax assessor should be elected, they continue to ignore repeated requests to put the county trash program to a vote.

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