Saturday, May 29, 2010

McNary on Dooley: “He’s a Nice Guy, But, It’s Embarrassing That He’s Running the County”

Although he is embarrassed by the cloud of unethical behavior allegedly occurring within the Dooley Administration, insiders tell Missouri Political News Service that Mr. McNary’s comments to reporter, Jerry Berger, were specifically directed at Charlie Dooley’s performance the other night in front of “You Paid For It” investigative reporter Elliot Davis.

When Davis asked the county executive why his appointed department heads were receiving free cars and free gas to use on their own personal time, Mr. Dooley responded with the well rehearsed line of basically, “it’s been done this way for thirty years, it’s not my fault.” As a leader, Mr. Dooley should have been leading the fight (early) to do away with this antiquated perk, but instead he blames it on the system.

Wasn’t there a famous Missourian who once said about leadership that “the buck stops here?”

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  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Sounds way too political that Gene McNary is calling out Charlie Dooley.

    But, it will be interesting on who gets the 13th casino license. Gene McNary controls the Gambling Commission here in the State of Missouri, and that commission will make the award of the 13 license yet this year.