Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get a bus pass

Some of the comments sent in by readers are interesting and cover a wide variety of subjects. Every now and then one jumps out at you such as the following on the question of cars furnished to county employees.

A Reader Comments:

I see Mr. Charlie Dooley and 12 of his top department heads all get a free car from the county taxpayers and we also pay their gas. Wasn't Charlie the fellow who wanted us to vote for that half-cent increase to ride the bus and Metro Link? Why don't these 13 people give up their cars, save the county taxpayers $500,000 and they could ride the bus and the MetroLink and then they could support it all year round, rather than forcing us to pay a half-cent tax? Also, Charlie, do you claim this on your income tax? It must be worth at least $30,000 a year to you.
Another Reader Comments:
Not sure, but I thought I saw an article sometime back about Mr. Dooley being driven around by a chauffer or a policeman for protection. I wonder if he was driving Charlie's car or another one?

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