Friday, April 30, 2010

Wanted: New County Executive; Requirements: Must Be Democratic

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It is important to remember that Charlie Dooley wasn’t initially elected into office, but rather he was to take over office after the sudden passing of George “Buzz” Westfall in 2003. Westfall did not live to see his 60th birthday due to a staph infection.

As much as Dooley has done a fair job picking up the reigns of Westfall, it is not without an agenda that Dooley has taken this job.

In recent years, Dooley, like so many other people in St. Louis County, has seen North St. Louis County (District 4), as this “dangerous” community. I wouldn’t call North County “dangerous” per se, but rather a tough community with a soft marshmallow center.

The past couple of years, outsiders from the City (St. Louis City and County are two different entities) thought getting away with their crimes out near the Florissant Area or in the St. Louis County Police Department’s 1st Precinct would mean that they would be getting away with their heinous crime. However, most of those criminals were caught expeditiously thanks to our outstanding tough-as-nails police force.

But in terms of respect for the area, the politicians in Clayton literally don’t understand–or care to for that matter–about the environment north of I-270.

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