Friday, April 09, 2010

Recent Election on Metro Was Another Sad Day

Don't let the headline fool you. It's a sad day when 94,000+ voters "run" the county and the other 1,000,000+ do nothing by not voting.  Another way to look at it - 22% cast a vote while the other 78% stood idle.

Most subdivision associations are about the same way. In our subdivision, about 10 make the rules for which 78 other people have to comply.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    St Louis County can impose and collect taxes on a transportation system, that about 3% of the general population uses.

    Yet, they impose and make mandatory a trash and recycle system on 100% of the population, and they don't collect and pay for the service.

    We need new St. Louis County leadership. The time has come.

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    St. Louis County to build first roundabout on its roads
    By: Phil Sutin
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    St. Louis County plans to build its first roundabout on one of its roads. It would be at Old Halls Ferry Road and Vaile Avenue in far north St. Louis County.

    The roundabout would have one lane and a diameter of 130 feet around the curb line, Erik Dam, the project engineer handling the roundabout, said Tuesday. If the county does not have to condemn property for it, work could begin this fall and take six months to complete, he said. Condemnation might add a year to the timetable, he said.

    The cost of the roundabout including landscaping and sidewalks is about $650,000, Dam said. Sidewalk work not far from the intersection, but not associated with the roundabout, would add about $100,000 to the total project cost, Dam said.

    The intersection has too much traffic for its current four-way stop signs, but not enough to require traffic signals, Dam said. The area is flat. County engineers decided that Old Halls Ferry and Vaile would be a good place to build a roundabout for the first time, he said.

    The public is leery about roundabouts when they first appear, but accept them after using them for awhile, he said.

    The state has built several roundabouts. Examples are in the entrance and exit ramps to Highway 40 on the west side of Spoede Road.