Friday, March 26, 2010

Why County Wants Trash Records

Thoughts from a local resident:

St Louis County is using this information to track new users so to check for County occupancy permits. It is my understanding that the county was getting this info from AmeranUE. That is - new electrical service, then the county would think that the property has a new resident, so must be inspected.

Was told by an inspector late December 2009, that AmeranUE was not providing the info and the county was getting it from the trash haulers.

So, I guess in the contracts for the trash hauler and/or business licenses, new requirement for info.

Bottom line, big brother, St Louis County, will get info for "Occupancy Permit" via trash haulers. Nothing is free, trash hauler will have to pass on this administrative cost on to us "users".

Call St Louis County occupancy permit office and ask them where they get info!!!!

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  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You mean to tell me that St. Louis County don't know where the 100,000 plus recycle carts they put out are even at?

    The recycle cart has it imprinted on it that the cart remains the property of St. Louis county.

    The County seems to know where to sent the County newsletter, they send the county property tax bills and personal property tax bills.

    Maybe they should spend some of the $7.5 million for smoking education to HELP TRAIN and EDUCATE the county employees on how to properly keep records.

    Or, maybe they can search their own County web site and and check the real estate listings on property owners.

    St. Louis County has about outlived it usefullness.