Friday, March 12, 2010

Recycle Cart Ownership and Servicing Questioned

A resident writes:

"I am hearing more complaints about the recycle carts. The county has quit supplying them. New people moving in, don't know how or where to get a cart. They are angry they didn't get one from the program. People who move out of area, are taking their carts. Who owns the carts? the resident, the county, is it attached to the property address? Still plenty of confusion in this program."

This question is addressed on the County's web site at: Here is some of the information provided.

13) Who Is Responsible For The Recycling Cart?

The recycling cart is the property of the Saint Louis County Department of Health, but it has been placed in your care for your use. If you decide you don’t want it, then we will pick it back up from your residence. If you decide to keep it, then it will be your responsibility to make sure it is used properly and not damaged by misuse.

If you move, be aware that the cart is assigned to the residence – please leave it behind for whoever moves in next.

14) If My Recycling Cart Needs To Be Serviced, Whom Do I Call?

The recycling cart comes with a one‐year parts‐and‐labor warranty for any damages that occur during shipping and for any defective materials and parts. Damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty. If you have a problem you believe is covered by the warranty, please contact the Department of Health by calling (314) 615‐8958 so that a repair or replacement can be scheduled.


To address a few other areas not mentioned in the handbook:

a. The cart was given to the resident in early 2007 (best guess). The cart belongs to the County, but you are responsible for its care and repair. This is a 1-time "gift."  If you need a new cart, sorry but you will need to buy one from either your trash hauler or the local hardwae store.

b. When a person moves, the cart should be left at the residence where it was delivered. Unfortunately, this may not be the case as people often take their trash and recycle retainers with them. The County will not enforce return of the cart so the new owner will have to buy their own.

c. If your cart needs to be serviced, that's your responsibility. You may want to consult with your trash hauler to see if they can help. It's not a question "if" a recycle cart will break down, but "when". These carts get banged around quite a bit when they're emptied into the truck.
d. We're not aware of a requirement that a resident must use a recycle cart. Other types of carts, trash cans, paper bags, etc. should be acceptable.  Plastic is not recycleable thus plastic bags should not be used.

Questions?  Contact St. Louis County Department of Health, (314) 615-8958.

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