Saturday, March 20, 2010

Protested RE Taxes May Not Be in Escrow per State Reg

If you paid your recent St. Louis County Real Estate tax bill under protest, there should appear a red stamp on your tax receipt as shown here. (Click photo to enlarge)

Some residents have recently discovered a distressing issue that they believe affects all people who protested any (or all) of their Saint Louis County real estate taxes for any reason. They call the issue the "red stamp" response. A growing number of residents protested their taxes and rec'd a receipt back from the STL County Collector of Revenue which had a red stamp on the receipt stating that your protested taxes were placed in escrow per RSMo 139.031.

County resident, Stephanie Michael, said, “We then found out that these protested taxes were NOT placed in escrow. The County lied to us--and when I called STL County on it, a county employee told me that the red stamp was used to "placate" taxpayers and any person who received a red stamp, was placated. Their protested taxes were not placed in escrow. Placate was his word choice.”

“We are looking for more "red stampers" for any reason that would be willing to work with us on this issue. The County was deliberately and intentionally deceitful. Neighbor, John Strake, and I believe the red stamp issue to be wide-spread ---- and we feel strongly that this issue cannot go uncontested by taxpayers and cannot go, undisclosed.“

If you have a red stamp protest showing on your receipt, you may want to call Stephanie Michael at 314-469-1163 or e-mail to at or email John Strake at

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