Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Louis County Seeks ID of All Citizens Using Trash Services

At the County Council meeting on March 16, Bryan Barcom, owner of American Eagle Waste Industries, addressed the County Council members regarding a new provision to obtain a business license.

Mr. Barcom received his renewal application for his waste hauling business license and noticed that St. Louis County had added a new requirement to the waste haulers business license renewal process. This new requirement calls for a listing of residents, addresses, contracts, their start and ending dates, as well as the cost per household for the minimum level of service. It appears that County officials are endeavoring to track all county residents in regards to who they use for their trash services.

Barcom eloquently pointed out to the County Council that this requirement had never existed in the past and that he was not going to comply with this request to help benefit the designated trash haulers who were awarded the trash district contracts. Barcom concluded by asking the council members and county executive if they understood his course of action, but received no response, just stone-faced stares. You can hear Mr. Barcom’s statement to the County Council members by Clicking Here.

It’s very interesting and peculiar that the county has added this new requirement to the trash haulers business license renewal, especially since the county trash districting contracts will be coming up for renewal soon. And, it’s also interesting to note that this is only a requirement for trash haulers. Perhaps the county is setting itself up for yet another lawsuit.

There is another interesting video from Lee Presser on "Charlie and the St. Louis County Trash District". You can view this at:

The bids for the initial trash program were awarded in 2008. The bids are subject to review in 2011. It looks as if both the county and residents are positioning themselves to accelerate the battle. With three lawsuits still in the court system, questions about escrowing protested real estate tax payments, while the money is coming from a grant, the County spending $7.5 million to discourage smoking is a lot of money.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    This is bullshit. We need a leader, not a pusher. County residents are getting tired of being pushed around.

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    St Louis county should have learned from previous mistakes made in the program, that bullying isn't going to work.

    Why doesn't St. Louis County step up and work to get these greviences addressed. It time that they set up a community review committee and again try to find a reasonable and equitable way to handle this process.

    If they want to control things, then they need to own the situation, not just hand it off.

    This has been terribly mismanaged and needs correcting.

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    St. Louis County can't properly finish one bad program, before they start up another.

    If they want to use $7.5 mil to educate the public, use that money to educate the values of Recycling that they have fumbled.

    There are people who want Recycel carts that can't get them, almost 80% of the people who did get the Reycle Carts do not use them.

    Much of the co-mingled single source material is now contaminated and getting worse.

    I would say, this ill conceived program needs lots of education.

    The Waste/Recycle program is a mess. 10% or higher have never paid a bill, and are being fined by the county. But, no collection efforts are in place. 80% or more don't even use the Recycle Service they are forced to pay for.
    People who do want to recycle can't get Recycle Carts. The program was set up to limit truck traffic, but the OPT Out program causes as many,or more trucks on the street daily. The OPT Out Program is like segregation, for the special people to dodge county ordinance.

    Bad, Bad, Bad program. Thanks Charlie and Gang

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    This new thing seems (to me) to be an invasion of privacy. If County wants this trash info, they should contact the individuals themselves & ask them, not the trash hauler.
    You would almost think these people in County are really working for the Federal Gov. - God help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!