Monday, March 29, 2010

Backyard Chicken Coop in St. Louis County

Author: Steve Patterson

I don’t eat any poultry nor do I consume many eggs, but I love backyard chickens! I’m not alone either, this segment of urban homesteading is gaining popularity because it makes so much sense. Over the last month I have talked to numerous people currently raising chickens as well as those interested in doing so. I’ve met people with multiple acres to those with typical city yards. Interest in backyard chickens crosses economic boundaries. Those interested include those of modest means looking for an affordable way to have fresh eggs to those who can easily afford to buy eggs but who prefer the freshness of their own.

A neighbor of my last place in South St. Louis had a rooster and I enjoyed hearing it. Roosters can be noisy but they are not a necessary to the backyard coop. I met one woman from Clayton with chickens and a rooster. Her hen house is sound insulated and doesn’t let the rooster out until later in the morning.

All the people I talked to said their neighbors are supportive. For couples, the interest seems to start with one of the two who convinces the other to go along with the idea. If your better half says yes your municipality or subdivision my not be so agreeable. I wanted to dig into the various laws for our region but with hundreds of units of government it is a monumental task to take on. Here is a relevant section from the city’s code:

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    When that Rooster starts crowing at 4 am in the morning, you can bet your butt, there will be plenty of complaining. Worse than a barking dog.
    I bet Dooley and none of the council allow a noisy bird next to their house.
    That is why there are noise and nuisance ordinances.
    You want farm animals, move to the country.
    Eggs are cheap.

    1. Dan from the country11:08 PM

      Uhhhhh.. hello!!! roosters don't lay eggs sherlock, and you don't need one for your hens to lay eggs. Now, go out back and milk that that bull.

    2. Chickens don't crow. Only roosters. It is okay in STL county.

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  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I live in Ladue, and I LOVE CHICKENS as pets...there are some breeds that really look gorgeous. If the owner is careful enough to keep the chicken coop and the chickens looking good, I think he/she should be allowed to have these pets. I feel like breaking "the subdivision's rules" and get my own chickens (besides...St. Louis County allows 4 chickens in your backyard).