Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walgreens Pharmacy Chain Set to Resume Alcohol Sales

The Walgreens drug store chain is on the verge of bringing back alcohol sales after nearly ten years with no booze on the shelves. The St. Louis County Council approved the first series of new liquor licenses Tuesday night, and many more are expected to follow.

A Walgreens spokesman said alcohol sales would resume at St. Louis area stores in Missouri and Illinois within a month. The St. Louis County Council approved liquor licenses for the first five stores at Tuesday nights County Council meeting.

The licenses cruised through the approval process with no opposition.

Walgreens would not offer hard liquor now; but only a moderate selection of beer and wine, with less than 2% of shelf-space devoted to alcohol; compared to 30-40% back in the 90s. There would be no single beer sales. Hundreds of Walgreens in places like Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico, never stopped selling alcohol.

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