Tuesday, January 19, 2010

STL City Trash Containers Overflowing With Trash

For the people living in the city of St. Louis: Have you noticed your trash containers have been overflowing with trash? The lid won't close because of too much trash? People aren't throwing away more trash.

It's because the refuse department of the city of St. Louis has decided to pick trash up only once a week and not twice a week like it should be. Here's the ironic part - they're still picking up yard waste twice a week. What yard waste? It's winter time. Call the mayor. Call your aldermen. Tell them this is unacceptable. Wait until summer. The smell will be unbearable as well as the addition of rodents.

This is a bad decision that should be changed.


  1. Skeptic12:22 PM

    Don't they have a recycling program as well?

    Since we started recycling, our trash can is rarely more than half full. Too bad there's so many people opposed to recycling on some kind of general principle basis.

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    How many times do we have to pay for trash pickup.
    Read the back of your of your tax bill, you will see we are paying twice. We already have recycling at most parks and at most schools. The city has money for a bike trail on the river front and useless trails between 3 parks which already have trails but there is no money for trash pick up. Lets lower the number of Aldermen that would save the tax payers money. People who live in the city have to get involved