Thursday, January 21, 2010

Frontenac rental housing measure stalls

From the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 01/21/2010

Plans for an ordinance on occupancy permit/housing standards for rental housing in Frontenac still need fine tuning, the Board of Aldermen indicated Tuesday night.

Some members said they don't want the ordinance, or at least want to tailor it to apply only to problem areas. But other aldermen as well as some residents say the ordinance is needed to guard against blight in West End Park, an area of smaller homes that, unlike the rest of Frontenac, does not have private subdivision trustees.

A fee of $150 for an inspection and reinspection is in the current version of the measure. It will be changed to allow homes to be passed among family members without that situation being considered a "rental" that requires an inspection. The original version considered all changes of occupancy by non-owners as rentals.

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