Monday, December 21, 2009

Questionable Redundant Water Line Insurance Offered to St. Louis County Homeowners

According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, another round of direct mail solicitations for water line insurance are being sent to St. Louis County homeowners. St. Louis County homeowners served by Missouri American Water and the City of Kirkwood (everyone except the cities of Eureka and Pacific) are already covered for water line service repairs, paying a $1 per month fee, based on an initiative approved by the voters in 2000. Residents of the cities of Eureka and Pacific are not covered. The solicitations are for redundant insurance that costs $4.99 per month.

See the Post Dispatch article at Company offers insurance unneeded by many. This KMOX article covers the same topic B.B.B. warning for St. Louis County homeowners.

See information about the County program at St. Louis County's Residential Water Service Line Repair Program.

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