Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Hindu Temple In The Back Yard?

The saga continues for residents of Parkview Estates, Fox Creek and Lafayette Farms regarding a Hindu Temple being built on Weidman Road in unincorporated St. Louis County. The subdivision trustees have corresponded with and have met with Colleen Wasinger (their Councilwoman) and the Director of the Planning department, Glen Powers,

The County has assured the trustees that all construction meets codes and permits (which are in doubt). Some of the homeowners have also met with the Hindu Temple.

As one resident said, “It is a real mess, but the bottom line is that in unincorporated St. Louis County, there is little residents can do to protect their property values. If you look at this stretch of Weidman Road, the Hindu Temple should never have been approved for construction there. Now, they doubled their land are size and want to expand. There is not a comparable building or structure within a mile of Weidman Road – only houses.”

“The County just goes by the books – zoning rules – without an appreciation of homeowner’s interests. Instead of new $600 k homes adjoining our subdivision, we will have a parking lot, more 2-story or higher buildings and probably more temples right next to us.”

Residents say what is frustrating is the general response from the county is “there is nothing we can do”. “That is the beef that many have with St. Louis County is that they enforce the rules and regulations but those rules and regulations do not protect homeowner’s rights and preserve quality of life. That is why so many residents have chosen to incorporate into separate cities – to have a more homeowner-friendly governing body that will be proactive in preventing the type of mess on Weidman Road. No resident would be happy to have a 50+ foot high white Hindu temple adjacent to their backyard with plans for more similar building. Yet the County response is “there is nothing we can do”.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Provided the project meets or exceeds the zoning requirements and building codes, so be it.

    Let, the freedom of religion move forward.

    Would the same criticism be voiced if this were a Jewish Temple or Catholic Church?

  2. Buyer beware. I would be more concerned about the trailer parks ruining my home value, they seem to be every other street in unincorporated STL. This is a great example of why subdivision planning, common ground "buffers", and HOA's are important.

    Though I wouldn't want that in my backyard, I would have known the zoning laws around my house and would not have assumed that kind of risk in the first place.

  3. Why would someone purchase a house adjacent to undeveloped ground and assume that either a) it will never be developed, or b) it will be developed with something I want? If you want unspoiled views from your home, you better be prepared to purchase several acres in every direction. As they say, that's life in the big city.

  4. What a shame for those in unincorporated areas... I live in Maricopa County where county islands seem to get zoned in coordination with respective cities as to not cause these kinds of messes.