Monday, November 23, 2009

What a load of garbage: Trash Pickup Problem in Sunset Hills

A reader writes:

I'm calling about trash pickup in Sunset Hills. I live in Sunset Hills, and my wife and I recycle everything even when we can take the garbage out and make it into a natural compound, a waste yard for our garden.

What little garbage we generate, because we're in our 80s, we give to my son to put in his trash pickup. However, the city of Sunset Hills is forcing me to pay $15 every month for trash pickup and I can't even fill the container. This is not right. This is not proper. I do not need trash pickup.

Why do I have to pay for trash pickup that I do not need. I think maybe we'd like to get a class-action against Sunset Hills, because we don't want trash pickup. We don't need it. Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    If you are part of the "County's Plan", you are somewhat stuck for now. There are law suits going on right now against St. Louis County over this mess.

    The best way to handle all of this is to make sure that at election time you go to the polls and vote these people out! If you are not a registered voter then please register.

    This is the only way that these idiots will understand the people of St. Louis County.

    Hopefully, the courts will make the right decision & put this issue to a vote of the people as the County Charter states.

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Sunset Hills, is a small municipality within St. Louis County. They provide by contract for their waste collection. Sunset Hills is subject to the minimum standards as set out by St. Louis County ordinance. This does require that all residents, whether County or Muni, have at a minimum, 1x per week trash service and 1x per week recycle service, and pay for it.

    St. Louis County sets the standard, the municipality has to at least achieve the minimum standard.