Friday, November 27, 2009

County Residents Speaking Out About County's Trash Program

County residents posting comments.

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St. Louis County also ignored good solid and knowledgable advice regarding setting up these trash districts. Because of that, they are now involved in at least 3 law suits and maybe more.

Maybe St. Louis County should start paying attention to some of the advice and warnings it receives.

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I count about 14 or 15 complaints here. I think IESI has 3 county waste districts, totaling over 35,000 homes. That is about .0005 % complaint factor. Also, those complaints run for over a 9 month period of time.

Don't you think that maybe you are being just a little picky on this company? Also, how do we know if these complaints are legitimate or not?

It seems that if there are complaints, they should be leveled against the County, and not the companies that legitimatly bid on and received the contracts.

Residents would have had the right to change vendors, if the County didn't interfere. But the County got involved, so they should shoulder the burden.

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What about the service record of the othr vendors, both Veolia and Allied Waste.

The real question here should be, is the COUNTY system working as it was designed to work. The target should not be the vedor/contractor, they did not write the specs and design the program.

The big question as I see it, is what is the county doing to gaurantee participation, gaurentee proper payment to the contractors, gaurantee that every single resident has the minimum service county wide.

What does the County do to protect the indigent, those who are unemployed, the elderly on fixed incomes, those who refuse to pay, etc. The County wants 100% participation, but set this system up for failure.

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Here is a little research on Veolia. Veolia currently holds contracts for three of the County Waste Districts.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    If someone would do some research, they will find that Allied Waste Systems hired Mr. Temporiti as their lobbyist during the time time that the County was putting together this Waste District Plan. If you can check with the Mo Ethics Commission and get copies of the campaign finance reports, you will find out who made contributions to the Dooley campaign.
    But, for sure, during the development of the Waste Districts, you will find that Mr. Temporiti was special council and campaing advisor for Mr. Dooley, as well as a paid lobbyist for Allied Waste Systems.

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I have notice all the publicity about the money the county has saved as a result of the Waste District Plan (6 million dollars) quoted by Mr. Dooley to Elliot Davis. Unfortunately it does seem to matter or at least forgotten what had to be sacrificed "no mention of the small waste haulers that were put out of business due to this" So if saving the county this money was the main focus, and forgetting small humble beginnings such as "our country being develope and prospering from the establishments of small business" I guess the Waste District Plan was successful....

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    What we need is a full Audit accounting of Dooleys statement of saving $6 million. Never happened, more like they spent 6 million. Those carts they gave away almost cost that much, the extra people the county has assigned to this project is costing plenty, the poor service is mounting up, the loss of competition will cost us plenty moving forward, The county needs to come clean on how much it has spent and continues to spend.