Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cape Girardeau City Council approves $2.36 million for automated trash collection

Automated trash collection is on the way, the Cape Girardeau City Council decided Monday night.

The council approved spending $2.36 million from the sale of bonds to purchase six new garbage trucks, 22,000 new trash and recycling bins and a public education campaign to promote the switch. Public works director Tim Gramling said he expects the service switch to be made sometime in the spring, perhaps as early as the first weeks of May.

Since July, the city has been looking at automating the collection of trash as a way to save money on employee costs, equipment maintenance and workers' compensation insurance. Gramling at first wanted to have the switch completed by Jan. 1, but council reluctance to make the change led to a public awareness campaign that included a city-produced video and demonstrations at the SEMO District Fair and the Cape Girardeau Senior Center.

The spending requires a final vote. Once that takes place at the council's Nov. 16 meeting, Gramling said he will place an order for the trucks. Under the terms of a $150,000 grant supporting the purchase, the trucks must be delivered to the city by April 30.

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