Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Do Subdivisions Do With Unwanted Common Ground?

Do you know what other subdivisions do? What about subdivisions with very little common ground - especially when it's not usable - such as wooded land bordering a creek? Who is responsible for this property? Can we sell off our common ground as it’s not wanted or needed?

Maintenance of common ground is one of the biggest headaches subdivision trustees must cope with. In many cases it’s totally unusable due to the terrain. Some areas even flood. Trees must be maintained and the grass must always be cut. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent by subdivisions each year . . . for virtually nothing. Really! Does this make sense?

One attorney said a subdivision can sell off its common ground, providing all residents of the subdivision give approval. That may be difficult if it requires 100% approval.

We heard of one subdivision that had a retaining wall on part of their common ground that was in need to big time repair. The first estimate they received was around $400,000.

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