Saturday, October 17, 2009

My asthma is a result of second hand smoke as a child

A friend of mine wrote me today to tell me about some health problems she's suddenly been faced with.

"I've had more medicine lately than an old woman. The doctors say my asthma is a result of second hand smoke as a child. I was diagnosed with that a few years ago. Both of my parents smoked like a chimney the whole time I lived at home. They have both quit now but the damage is done. Daddy has emphysema and my mom has multiple heart and pulmonary issues."

No, she does not live in St. Louis County. Never the less, St. Louis County residents pay for her family's medical expenses through our increased insurance premiums . . . and federal taxes, etc.

We have to start somewhere to stop this crazyness. What do you think?


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Is your spelling a result of second-hand smoke as well? Sounds like bad parenting is to blame for this one. Yep, crap parents are a much bigger problem than second-hand smoke. Anti-smoking legislation, which you presumably support, would not have prevented this. Have fun increasing you comfort level at the expense of freedom. Why not? We've lost so many freedoms already, what's one more?

    (PS non-smoker, here)

  2. Spaz, couldn't agree with you more. However, I would like to expand. Those that do not have a generally progressive outlook, share the same sentiment when it comes to these types of issues. "Why should I pay for others' mistakes?" Its obvious to me that people that ask these questions, don't get answers. LOOK at the system that politicians (especially progressive politicians) have created. The person that smokes and requires advanced medical attention shouldn't hurt your wallet, but the SYSTEM allows it to. Your anger is misplaced.

    McDonalds, Coke, MARS, you might want to start contributing more in the next elections.