Sunday, October 25, 2009

County Still Hauling Residents into Court for Questionable Trash Violations

The newest of three lawsuits was filed on September 11 in the Circuit Court for St.Louis County and it asks the three trash haulers (IESI, Veolia and Allied),who won the eight county trash districts, to repay county residents their trash fees plus damages. In addition, the suit claims that the trash districts are illegal and that the county charter requires elections when the county sets up special assessment districts, such as the trash districts.  (click on photo to enlarge)

Everyone in St. Louis County who is not a party to the first two lawsuits or a defendant is a plaintiff in this lawsuit, unless they have filed a request for exclusion.

While the three cases are on the docket and awaiting judgment, the county is still hauling residents into court for either not having the county mandated trash service or for not using the county designated trash hauler for area resident's respective trash district. However, in response to numerous complaints from residents and state legislators, the county counselor(Patricia Redington) said that the county will no longer suspend the driver's license privileges of those residents who fail to appear in municipal court for failure to participate in the county's trash program.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    The County mandated this system, the County should pay for it. If the county was paying the bill, as a single source, think of the time, money and confusion it would save. If the county paid the contractor one payment, think of all the postage saved from not billing thousands, the hauling price would drop from these savings.
    If the county was the single payer, the program would work as designed and envisioned, everyone would recieve the service as planned with no interruptions. Sounds more effecient.
    If the county was the single source payer, the county could stop policing and monitoring the system and get back to doing county work, instead of playing bill collector for this poorly planned system.

    If only the county could get their crap together, what a better place we would be.

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I thought that the only way you would have your driver license privileges taken away was if you violated a TRAFFIC law.
    I agree with the comment above, county needs to get their crap together - yea right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!