Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlie Dooley likely to be the major issue in next year's county exec race

By Jo Mannies, Beacon political reporter
Posted 4:20 p.m. Tues., Oct. 13 -

Bill Corrigan, a Republican candidate for St. Louis County executive, held a news conference a few weeks ago to outline his proposed ethics policy and make veiled jabs at the man he hopes to oust next year: Democratic incumbent Charlie Dooley.

But in an age of instant reaction, it took the Dooley camp almost 24 hours to respond.

The delay wasn't prompted so much by his rival's jabs, a Dooley spokesman explained, but because Dooley isn't ready to launch his re-election campaign.

With more than a year to go before Election Day, campaign treasurer and manager John Temporiti said that Dooley would, ideally, prefer to wait until candidate filing ends in late March.
Only then, Temporiti added, will Dooley know whether a challenger like Corrigan has company.

But lately, Dooley has been confronted with less-than-ideal public scrutiny of his administration and his allies, which may force him to reassess his own campaign timing:

>> Dooley's governmental lobbyist, Darin Cline, resigned a few weeks ago after acknowledging he was in serious tax trouble with the Internal Revenue Service.

>> Temporiti, former chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party and a former top Dooley aide, has drawn fire over his private lunches with two Democratic County Council members. Temporiti wanted to know why they had rejected a proposed county contract involving a firm that employs his son, and if the council members might change their minds if it came up again. (The two -- Democrats Barbara Fraser and Steve Stenger -- say their opposition remains.)

>> Controversy arose over a Saturday meeting of county department heads , all appointed by Dooley, held on Oct. 3 at a private law office. An initial media report -- which the executive denies -- said the department heads were to provide a list of firms that do business with the county for possible campaign donations.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I recently heard a statement that St. Louis County has never been audited by any other government agency. Hard to believe.

    I also heard the County has never disclosed where they obtained the grant for the recycle bins they distributed. Does anybody know?

    There are just too many quesions swirling around these days and not enough answers.

  2. Its time we hold them responsible. I know I will.

  3. Charlie Dooley likely to be the major issue in next year's county exec race

    Thanks for sharing