Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ft. Collins Facing Same Trash Problems as St. L County Residents

In Fort Collins, city government doesn’t pick your grocer or your bank.

Why should they pick who hauls your trash?

Fort Collins City Council recently voted 4 to 3 to make part of the city a 'guinea pig' trash district – without notifying the public or asking for citizen feedback. This issue is not about recycling. It’s about loss of choice, loss of customer service and higher costs to consumers,without notifying the public or asking for citizen feedback

Hmm. Sounds familiar. Details at:

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  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Looking for follow up on what is happening in St. Louis County.

    We are hearing, that the first round of ordinance violations are bringing large fines on residents, $100 or more for those who refuse service. What is the real story?

    Also, what is happening with those law suits that have been filed in St. Louis County? When will the County be made responsible for this screw up?

    What are the Counties plans moving forward?

    What are the chances of this non voted on ordinance being recinded?

    Please bring us all up to speed.

    Thank You.