Wednesday, September 23, 2009

County Residents Being Intimidated Under Threat of Arrest and Loss of Drivers License for Unpaid Trash Bills

State Senator, Jim Lembke, says St. Louis County is intimidating county residents with threats of imprisonment and loss of their drivers license for unpaid trash bills. County residents say the regulation is illegal stating they had no voice in the trash selection process. They say St. Louis County has continued to carry out, contract, enforce, prosecute and convict persons under its invalid trash district ordinance.

A third law suit was recently filed as a class action suit to recover money paid to the trash haulers. The three haulers in question are IESI, Veolia and Allied Waste. St. Louis County was also named in the suit.

The County says they do not intend to suspend driving privileges, but this is so stated on documents issued by the court along with the threat of arrest.

The plaintiffs say the defendants conspired and agreed among themselves to have St. Louis County continue to enact, enforce and require obedience to the illegal trash ordinances because the trash ordinances result in millions of dollars per month being paid to defendants - Veolia, IESI and Allied Waste.


The St. Louis County Municipal Court will soon change the form it sends to people who fail to appear on charges that do not involve traffic, County Counselor Patricia Redington said on Tuesday (10/22). The revised form will remove a warning that the county could take away their drivers license.

"It is a mistake," she said. State law limits the court's ability to seize drivers licenses to traffic cases, he said. Redington said the county municipal court has been using a single form for all cases without complaints.

Plaintiffs say this is not the only mistake.

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