Sunday, August 02, 2009

St. Louis County Wants to Buy Recycle Carts for Other Cities

We received the anonymous comment below about the recent article in the Post Dispatch which follows.

St. Louis County wants to spend $791,511 to buy carts that residents of 10 municipalities would use in a single-stream recycling program. The money would come from a tipping fee surcharge and licenses fees the county collects under its Waste Management Code.

The municipality receiving a grant, size of the grant and number of carts are: Bellefontaine Neighbors, $139,464, 3,900; Crestwood, $164,496, 4,600; Bridgeton, $67,944, 1,900; Eureka, $64,940, 1,816; Fenton, $54,963, 1,537; Glendale, $48,634, 1,360; Pine Lawn, $54,999, 1,538; Richmond Heights, $83,392, 2,332; Shrewsbury, $49,098, 1,373; and Valley Park, $63,581, 1,778. On Friday, County Executive Charlie A. Dooley asked the County Council to authorize the spending. Each municipality would decide when its residents would receive the carts.

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Anonymous comment received:

“St. Louis County wants to spend three quarters of a million dollars to give recycling carts to other cities located within the county? This action raises some questions. Why is the county subsidizing these cities with free carts? The municipalities chose to separate themselves from the county years back. If these cities need carts, they should come under the governmental control of Clayton.

In effect, county citizens in unincorporated areas will be subsidizing these cities.

If these cities were to get recycling carts, why were they not included in early 2008 when the carts were being delivered?

No action should be taken on this or any other matters involving mandatory recycling or mandatory trash collections until all pending court cases are settled. This is only common sense which County management apparently does not have.”

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  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I see that St. Louis County got shut out on any stimulus money for police departments, but the county wants to buy recycle carts for other municipalities. If our County Council supports this action, they all need to be replaced. This is nothing but bullshit in its best form. Taxpayers - unite at the polls.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The "Fees Raised" to buy the carts, come from Landfill Tipping Fees charged by the county. These fees are paid by the haulers at the Landfill on a per ton basis. The fees are then collected by the county from the landfills. The fees were set up to help promote recycling and other environmental projects within the county. All county residents, incorporated or not, as well as all county businesses are indirectly paying for these fees when their waste is deposited at a St. Louis County Landfill. That waste which is shipped out fo the county, to Illinois, is not charged the landfill fee, but the customers are still charged the fee.
    These fees (really hidden taxes) have raised 10's of millions for St. Louis County.
    Yes, the County has handed out Recycle Bins, but, what has the County done with the other handfulls of millions?

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    St. Louis County continues to collect Tipping Fee taxes at the landfill. This is an unapproved tax that all of us are paying for when our waste material hits a St. Louis County Landfill. The County collect fifty cents per ton of trash, amounting to millions of dollars each year.
    Also, just in the past week or so, The Solid Waste District L, overlapping St. Louis County, just received, from the State of Missouri, as stimulous money, over $500,000 in cash, to with as it sees fit. More of our hard earned tax money going to WASTE.