Wednesday, August 19, 2009

County Council May Allow Exemptions For Smoking In Establishments. Why Not For Trash?

If St. Louis County voters decide on Nov. 3 to ban smoking in indoor public places, county officials would take the word of bar owners who apply for an exemption?

Next Question:
Why can't county officials (including the County Council) take the word of all residents who apply for an exemption from their maligned trash and recycle program?

Currently county officials take the word of some residents, but not all. Those who are exempted live in a subdivision and asked to be exempted from the law. Local residents have cried "Discrimination" but their complaints have fallen on deaf ears with Council members but are now being heard in the courts. What a waste of time and money.

Regarding the proposed smoking regulation . . . An election bill exempts casino floors and “drinking establishments” whose income from food is 25 percent or less of gross income. Exemption applicants would certify they meet the measure’s requirements. An earlier version of the smoking ban bill would have required them to submit receipts and data about their expenses and income relating to food and alcohol sales to support their applications.

On Tuesday night, the St. Louis County Council voted 4-3 at its regular meeting to move the bill toward final passage next week. More court battles?

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. . . Submitted by Mike Roberts

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