Tuesday, July 21, 2009

St. L County May Put Smoking on Ballot, But Not Trash

The St. Louis County Council may vote on a proposal to place the question of smoking in public places to a vote of county residents. It could go to the voters in November.

St. Louis County Councilwoman, Barbara Fraser of University City requested that legislation for a ban be drawn up similar to the one enacted by the City of Clayton. Ms. Fraser says the ban would be great for the county and that the timing is good.

At the same time, the County Council ignores giving county residents an opportunity to vote on the County’s trash districting program that has been embroiled for more than two years now. Law suits are pending in the courts, summons being issued to county residents, rally’s being held at court hearings, local trash haulers scrambling for business and more.

If a smoking ban is placed on the ballot, why not trash which some say a two year notice is required to trash haulers.

County Executive Charles Dooley opposed the last smoking ban ordinance and he also opposes placing the trash program to a vote.

St. Louis City leaders have declared that any attempt to outlaw smoking in the city will fail unless the county also enacts such a ban. A St. Louis aldermanic committee has postponed action on the bill until the fall.

Last week, the Kirkwood City Council decided to let voters rule on a smoking ban in November.

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