Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Florissant Recycling Center to Stay Open . . . For Now.

Florissant officials say an upsurge in curbside recycling may force the city to close their recycling center at St. Ferdinand Park. For the time being, the center will remain open.

St. Louis County's solid waste management code now mandates that trash haulers offer single-stream recycling in their basic trash service, although the code is being challenged in court.

Meridian Waste Services became Florissant's lone waste hauler and began offering single-stream recycling, the amount of recyclable waste at the center has dropped.

"It's down at least 50 percent," said Louis Jearls, public works director for Florissant. Jearls said the city received a grant from St. Louis County to maintain the center, which is open to city and county residents, for the next year.

Meanwhile, Charles Barcom, co-owner of Meridian, said the amount of recyclable material his company has collected rose from 82 tons in April to 105 tons in May. He thinks it will be 120 tons in July.

Barcom said tonnage most likely will increase when more residents receive their bins. The city obtained several grants that will pay for about 12,000 bins needed. About 6,000 bins have been distributed, and the city recently opened bids for another 5,000 or more bins, funded by another grant.

While Florissant is purchasing bins, St. Louis County is throwing them away. This doesn't make sense.

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